About Milestone

Milestone has been in business since 1990.  We have kept pace with technology throughout the years, and now find ourselves in the middle of the most exciting technology since the paper press.  The growth of the Internet is exponential, reaching far into every corner of society.

Mission Statement

Our  mission statement is to become the best small consulting company in the world.  We want to be valued by our customers, respected by our competitors, and most of all, to provide maximum value, in a world where economy of effort matters.

Milestone is about quality, uncompromising.  We want to develop lifetime relationships with our clients, many whom have been with us for several years.

Here is to looking forward to tomorrow, the challenges, the risks and rewards, and of course the satisfaction from a job well done.

Milestone Management

Community Service

Milestone Software is strongly dedicated to being an active community member.  We believe community involvement is a low price to pay for the support and dedication we have received over the years.  The following is a partial list of our community involvement projects over the years.


  • Edmonton Riverview Rotary Club

Rotary's "Full Monty" crew, a group of Rotarians who auction themselves off to raise money for worthwhile projects.

  • Edmonton Folk Festival
  •  Nancy Greene Ski League ( Snow Valley )
  • Snow Valley Racing Club ( Fundraising)
  • Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
  • St. Mary's Fundraising Assocation
  • Northern Lights Toastmasters


Some of our recent clients include:

Tech Data (Indiana)

Metal Fabricators

Business Box

Milestone Insurance



Other clients have asked not to be included in this list, for competitive and privacy reasons.